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Tiki Bar

Build Your Tiki Bar or Tiki Hut with Us

Step outside of your restaurant to welcome your patrons to your tiki bar, an open-air space where they can relax on a hot day and enjoy a few drinks. Or, build a tiki hut near your home to create a memorable place for entertaining your friends and family. Add one to your retail location to offer sweet treats or place one in a park for people to use for shade. There are many reasons to invest in a tiki hut – and our team at Tiki Huts can create just what you want and need.

What Are Your Ideas?

One of the best reasons to work with Tiki Huts for tiki bar design is that we are flexible. We want to hear what your ideas are and, then, when we understand what your needs are, we can then build it for you. With years of experience and often considered one of the “original” builders in the area, you can depend on Tiki Huts to create even the most unusual and interesting spaces for your needs. There are few limits to how we can help you.

Every project we work on, from an elaborate tiki hut to a very simplistic tiki bar, we can do it all for you with excellent attention to detail. You can trust us to help you personally. We listen to every word you tell us, draft a plan, and build just what you need. You may even love how easy we make the entire process.

Consider Something Special for Your Space

Our tiki hut construction company can help you create the right type of space for your needs. Do you have a large backyard with an inground pool? Add an open-aired tiki hut next to it for shaded protection. Add an area for a table and chairs to enjoy meals outdoors.

Perhaps you have a hotel that needs a bit more outdoor entertainment space. Consider the addition of a tiki bar and shaded area or a walkway spanning from one building to the next with a thatched, tiki roof. You can build a whole new structure if you like on your property to create a specific space. For example, a tiki hut can be created to hold enough room under it for a wedding celebration or gathering space.

For those that own open beach space, our tiki hut construction company can help you to make this space far more functional. For example, you can create one-poled, shaded spaces where your guests can place their beach chairs and towels. A line of these along your beach makes it far more accessible and comfortable to your guests.

Need Repair Services?

In addition to designing and building, we also do tiki roof repair. If you have a tiki hut or bar right now that needs the roof repair, call us first. We will come to you and provide you with fast, affordable services. Our tiki roof repair is always designed to meet your unique needs, whether that is to remove the existing roof to replace it or just to shore up the problem area. Most of the time, we can help you avoid comprehensive replacement with ease.

At Tiki Huts, we are the professionals you need when you want a tiki hut or bar space you can enjoy for years to come without a lot of maintenance or upkeep. Whether you know exactly what you want in your space or you are not sure, our team is here to help you. Contact us today to learn more about how our tiki hut construction company can meet your needs.

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