Palm Thatch

Is Palm Thatch the Right Option for You?

Over the years, Tiki Huts has used all types of thatching materials on roofs. This includes both residential and commercial roofs. Because of the vast number of ways to update and modernize your roof, we encourage you to get a formal consultation with our team to make better decisions about which type of option is best for you. Take a look at a few of the products we offer and when they may be right for you, including our palm thatch, one of the most common products used today.

Palm Thatch

When many people think of roof thatching, they think of this method. Palm thatch is one of the oldest styles used when it comes to roofing materials. As a result, it is still one of the most common methods we use today. This method is highly ecologically friendly because palm is easily replenishable. It is also one of the best options for those who live in hot temperatures. Under the palm roof like this, temperatures can be as much as 20 degrees lower than what you will find outside. That makes it an excellent tool for cooling down the home as well as adding beauty to the exterior.

When you hear terms like grass hut roof or a palapa roof, you are describing the use of palm for roofing. Palapa is the Spanish word for palm leaf. This term also refers to an open-sided hut or dwelling that is often used in hot weather to help provide shade and much lower temperatures. If you want to build this type of structure, a palapa roof is an excellent choice. Our team at Tiki Huts can help you with that grass hut roof.

Synthetic Thatching

A second option we now offer is synthetic thatch. It is an excellent alternative to natural thatch and works well on most types of structures, including gazebos, tiki huts, palapa, and much more. We encourage you to take a closer look at what this particular type of option can do for you. While it does not have all of the same eco-friendly benefits of natural materials like palm, it is still commonly used because it offers the same appeal and look.

Which Option Is Right for You?

To find out what palapa roof is right for your home or if a palm thatch roof is going to work for your commercial establishment, give Tiki Huts a call. Our trained professionals will provide a full consultation and discuss each one of your options with you. We encourage you to consider the use of either method – the fact is, they are all a better choice over traditional roofing materials for the look and environmentally friendly benefits they offer.